Below are presented knowlage part and technologies which creating revolutional solution in fashion industry. Thanks to our knowlage and experience we are able to present you new user experience in fashion industry.
Technologies Applied
Designer Ai is presenting new way of customer experience for fashion e-commerce clients.
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Body Scan
Scanning using mobile device or computer camera is a based of our solution. Via scanning we are getting data about your look
Fashion knowledge
Our team of highly knowledgeable stylists are working everyday to improve Ai model better and better.
Artificial Intelligence
Ai allows our system to operate precisely. This is the basis for precise operation, and this is just a beginning.
Designer Ai technology
Solution preview
The whole process is only 3 simple steps so that we can match the best products for you.
DesignerAi in the eyes of the user
Based on the analysis of the face and figure, we want to use Ai technology to match the appropriate styles of products to the type of our face and figure.
DesignerAi is easy to implement. Use our API to fit Designer Ai as any other plug in into your code. It’s easy! Just copy and paste code from our website
The savings the system will generate are: savings due to no need to make returns. Greater customer satisfaction. Generating match desire to buy more products. Higher profits. Acquisition of data allowing for direct adjustment of products to the appearance and style of the client.
Technologies Applied
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