For beauty
DesignerAI is artificial intelligence (AI)-based software in an easy-to-integrate plug-in form that offers personalized selection and recommendations of beauty products with shades.

DesignerAI can be placed next to individual products or select products from a retailer’s entire assortment.
For beauty
About Us
We are a start-up from Warsaw focused on Delivering personalized business models to customers using our AI-powered capabilities.

We focus on improving B2C relationships and creating new opportunities at B2B level.

Tone picker - allows for personalized shade selection of cosmetic products online
DesignerAi Sugesstions - personalized product suggestions
Designer Ai - a complete personalized marketing solution that engages the customer and suppliers by creating a modern sales management infrastructure.
DesignerAI can also be used in stationary stores. We create product matching sites so customers can match the right shade of products.
This solution reduces the cost of consultant staff in stationary stores and enables additional product recommendations.
For beauty
For beauty
At DesignerAI, we create pro-business infrastructure and create new
revenue channels for companies. We improve or create B2B and B2C
relationships for customers. Our service is tailored to the customer.

DesignerAI is applicable to any product that
has shade variations.
The only thing DesignerAI needs is vendor databases
and a plug-in implementation on the retailer’s website/app.
DesignerAi is an application that delivers a personalized customer
experience while creating additional opportunities for the retailer.
DesignerAi provides the ability to recommend products from the retailer’s
entire product range not only the products of the software supplier.
Karol Bedyński
+48 600 247 202
For beauty